5 Must Have Apps for Hiking

Hiking is one of the outdoor activities that people like to go for during holidays. If you are one of those who like to go hiking, then there are a few apps that will make your hiking experience wonderful and memorable. 

The first app that you must have for hiking is the Gaia GPS, this is mainly for offline topo maps and hiking trails. This will allow the hiker to download maps which he can use when there is no network connection and you can see the topographic and available road maps where one can go hiking in United States of America and Canada. The hiker can search for waypoints and back them up on Gaia cloud. The hiker can also enjoy recording track and geo-tagged pictures. This app adds fun to the already interesting and exciting hiking activity.

The other exciting app is the MapMyHike GPS Hiking apps. This app enables the hiker to keep track of his hiking and he can iMapMyHike and keep records of his hiking. This application does not have so much to it but it does serve the purpose of mapping the hike for the user.

The third exciting and rather interesting app is EveryTrailPro. This application is more affordable than the Gaia GPS. The application comes loaded with over 400,000 hikes. The most exciting feature in this application is that it allows the hiker to keep memories of his hike by recording videos and taking pictures while on the hike.

If you are going hiking in Columbia, you must have the Columbia GPS PAL. This app will allow you to record and keep memories of hiking through recording videos and taking photos. It also allows you to make notes or you can also use the photos and videos to tag your favorite spots. The app will use its default feature to track and record your time, route, distance and elevation which you can always look at whenever you want to. The other exciting feature about this app is that it allows the hiker to rate and share events and adventures through different social networks. You can also use the recorded paths later on when you go hiking again.

The fifth must have app for hiking is the hiking log app. This app allows the hiker to record his hiking according to distance and time covered, and also the pace. The feature is particularly good for those who want to use the hiking activity as part of fitness. The hiker can keep record of the hiking log and the hiker can calculate the distance covered, and if he is working on losing weight, you can use the log records to calculate and see how many calories have been lost during the hiking period.

If you are a hiker, it would be advisable to get these five apps and make your hiking experience an event to remember. You will also be able to retrieve some tracks if you go hiking again. The information will help your next hiking much smoother and easier since you will already have the records of your previous hiking routes.

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