7 Best Spots for Rock Climbing in North America

Rock climbing is an activity in which participant climb, across, down and up the rock wall with the goal of reaching the end point or the summit of the formation without falling. To successfully complete a climb, a person must return to the starting point safely. Over the years, rock climbing in the northern American has become a popular sport with the participants’ objective of climbing to the furthest point or completing the route within the quickest time possible. There are 7 Best Spots for Rock Climbing in North America as illustrated below:

Mountaineering in Alaska

This is a popular spot for rock climbing. The area has Mt McKinley, the mountain with the highest peak in North America with the altitude of more than 6100 m. The place offers greatest world expeditions especially on its west buttress.

Mountaineering California

California State has many rock climbing areas. Therefore, it has become destination for many mountain climbers from all part of the world. The most popular places are Joshua Tree and Yosemite which are world class destination. Yosemite area is dominated by granite big-walls of El Capitan that are over 1000 m high, Sentinel and Half Dome. The place also provide excellent bouldering & many shorter pitch routes which are about 150 m long. On the other hand, Joshua Tree has many climbing area in North America. The place has more than 3500 routes. Other excellent places to visit which boulder California are Lake Tahoe, San Francisco bay and Bishop Area.

Mountaineering in Colorado

Colorado is also a destination for many mountaineers. The place has many excellent crags & areas. Popular spots to visit are long routes and big walls at the Rocky Mountains, Boulder Mountain Park where there are conglomerate and sandstone with many routes of upto 300 meters & deep and long gorges such as Eldorado Canyon. In addition, the place has limestone sport routes at Shelf Road and Rifle, plus sandstone at Fort Collin’s.

Rock-climbing in West Virginia and Kentucky

These two places provide greatest areas for rock climbing that can be accessed within a day from major states town to the eastern. Red River Gorge in Kentucky provides an excellent area for climbing hard sandstone rocks.

Rock-climbing in Nevada

Red rock Canyon found to the west of Las Vegas provide one of the best area for hiking in Nevada. The sandstone in this area provides multiple routes which are both traditional and bolted sport routes. In addition, there are also other excellent areas bouldering this place such as black velvet canyon and red rock canyon.

Rock-climbing in Oregon

The Smith Rock is also among popular spot for mountaineering in Oregon. It’s here were the first rock climbing sport was established in America. Here, there are thousands of routes available for climbers which are both traditional and sport routes.

Mountaineering in Utah

There are many rocks to climb in Utah, hence the place has also become popular destination for many mountaineers across the world. The area has traditional rock-climbing on the sandstone towers, big-wall rock routes which are at Zion National Park.

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