Best Hiking Spots in British Columbia

British Columbia has for many years offered the best destination for those people who want to explore the amazing things through hiking. The following are the 5 Best Hiking Spots in British Columbia;

1. Strathcona Park

It is located in Selkirk Mountains in the northwest of Nelson in Kokanee Glacier Park. It offers backcountry of adventures especially for the families who may want to take this opportunity to celebrate their holidays. This park sits on 1,800 feet with 3 glaciers that feeds over 30 lakes. It also has hiking trails of over 85km within the park. You will also enjoy hikers, campers, and climbers when travelling though this rugged land. As a special tip, you need to take care when traveling on this park.

2. Cascade Mountains

This rugged land has one of the best features that you will enjoy when travelling across these mountains. The mountain starts from the Washington, Oregon before ending in the North California. Through this trail, you will enjoy a 32 km of world best sceneries when compared to what the world offers. On the way, sometimes you will be lucky to find mule deer, mountain goats, sheep, black bears, ground squirrels and porcupines. This will make your day not forgetting that these animals are very rare to found in the world today.

3. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is found on 45km of Revelstoke in the east and 57km west of the Golden. This will always make you see the best glaciers that are easily accessible when travelling across this remarkable national park. The park also has hugging valleys where you will have amazing view when crossing these rugged mountains especially when travelling from the north travelling south. The movement of these glaciers has also helped form arretes, cirques, tarns as well as hanging valleys

4. Monkman Pass Memorial Trail Hiking Route

This Monkman Pass Memorial Trail-Hiking Route also brings put these peace regions of Alberta and BC. The trail also covers the best untouched wilderness across the world. This trail is also considered as amongst the best in Canada, starting at Kinueseo Park before ending in riverboat trip down to the Herrick River. On your way, you will see about 10 waterfalls together with the beautiful Monkman Lake. You will also see the world oldest creatures that got extinct in many parts of the world many years ago.

5. West Coast Trail

This West Coast Trail located on the Vancouver Island BC offers world popular hiking as well as backpacking. This trail stretches to about 77 km from the Port Renfrew to the Bamfield. On the way, you will also have an opportunity to visit some of the best hotels where you can eat the best meals in BC. This has always attracted many people coming from all over the world coming to explore what this great province offers to the world. This will not enable you to have fun but also appreciate what this great country offers to the world.

In conclusion, visiting the above 5 sceneries will definitely enjoy your life during your holiday in British Colombia when hiking.

Image Source: Rick McCharles

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