How to Learn Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be extremely intimidating if the learner does not learn the simple rules that are involved. The stepping stone towards being successful is climbing when dressed in the right climbing clothing, use of the right equipment, and use of simple rules and techniques. Here are some few tips that can help you to be a successful rock climber:

Use the right climbing gear- unless you are wearing the right gear, you should not attempt rock climbing. Go for the specific gears that are designed for different areas. There are those that are meant for indoors or outdoor and the kind of rock that you are climbing. There is that gear that is meant for climbing the rocks without use of ropes and there are those that are designed to be used for climbing the rocks while one is using a rope.

Need of knowing lingo- when one needs to know about rock climbing, there is need of knowing some simple techniques. Know where to grab in order to pull you up. Make sure that you don’t grab weak points that can break and bring you down. Know about how to do mantling in order to get your next target. Mantling involves use of the knee or the shin in order to push you up for the next step upwards. Just like how a child starts climbing on a pouch.

Avoid fall- while you are a learner in rock climbing, make sure that you use a spotter since it can help you in case you fall. Make sure that you point out places that you hold and you don’t see those points. Also, in order to avoid fall when you are bouldering, use a crash pad especially when you are doing it outdoors. Using your legs more instead of your hands will greatly help you to achieve your goal. Your arms and especially your forearms will tire easily especially when you start climbing. Using your legs propels you up the wall as much as possible than your arms.

Knots- Before you climb up the rock, make sure that you use the right knots for the rope. Make sure that the supports that the rope attaches to are tightly done and they are firm to avoid falling. The knots that you make on the gear should be done correctly in order to avoid fall back and stopping you from going upwards. Knots should be done well and they go hand in hand with the use of the right rope when rock climbing.

Know safety rules- in general, rock climbing is a great game that makes people feel like the real heroes who have conquered the world. But, it may be dangerous if it is not done as per the rules. Learn how to do everything right and you will stay safe. When you are on the rocks, take care of your personal safety as well as the top rope safety. Learn about the loose rocks and also how you can rappel to safety at all times.

Image source: jcantroot (Flickr)

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