Where to See the Northern Lights

The northern lights, a colloquially referred name, are popularly known as aurora borealis which is considered to be one of the finest phenomena of nature. Geomagnetic storms which occur in the Earth’s outer sections are the likely cause of these natural fireworks. Autumn and winter are the best times when these excellent light shows have everything to soothe even the most discerning eyes.

For the US people, Alaska seems to be the most desired destination to display northern lights. A few most visited places in the US include Pennsylvania’s Cherry Springs State Park, Colorado’s Pawnee National Grassland, and Oregon’s Steens Mountain Wilderness. These places boast the admirations of some famous amateur astronomers.

There are some other fantastic places throughout the world which include Greenland along with northern Scandinavia. These places draw the attention of people with their consistently bright light and clear skies as well. Following is the list of some greatest destinations for aurora seekers.

Hammerfest in Norway:

Hammerfest is a great place which features northern lights in a mystical fashion. Marking the end of the summer days, aurora borealis enchants the viewers at the town located near the Arctic Circle. September and October along with November in particular are the months when the sky is clear over the town because of the absence of snow. The city lights have hardly anything significant to blur the majesty of the multi-colored lights.

Abisko in Sweden:

Abisko with unspoiled landscape amazingly complements the sky at dark winter night. The Sky Station which is strategically built at this so-called Swedish Lapland enables thousands of enthusiastic viewers to get the ultimate view of northern lights. The days between the middle of November and the advent of March are the best time to experience the paradise-like illumination on the Abisko sky.

Luosto in Finland:

Luosto is arguably the best destination for aurora lovers as they can view the fantastic glory of northern lights with their human eyes. All their experiences are well-complimented as the mountain ranges that are evergreen enrich the clear sky over Luosto. This place is also well-known for its great number of appearances each year. On an average, viewers can easily experience 200 splendid shows of northern lights in a calendar year.

Reykjavik in Iceland:

People who seek for a dramatic show with celestial expanse can certainly look for the Icelandic sky over Reykjavik. Northern lights are available at its highest glow in Reykjavik’s wide outskirts. Normal shows last for more or less than 10 minutes. The months between October and April are suitable while the months between December and February are the peak times to catch the most soothing lights.

Ontario in Canada:

Ontario is another notable spot that features the superb swirling lights. A ride of an hour included in the guided tours will bring holidaymakers an unforgettable experience of viewing the northern lights. To catch the most glaring lights, viewers can choose to go there during the months of mid August to April.

Kulusuk in Greenland:

Greenland is often said to be the ultimate frontier to let people gain dual experiences of seeing northern lights and exploring ice. Kulusuk, a small island, features endless illuminations which are often green rich and shine majestically over the mountain ranges. The months between September and April are the best times if anyone desires for serene northern lights to feast his or her eyes.

In fine, northern lights, a heavenly elusive phenomenon, last only for a limited time which may disturb the keenest attention of some aurora-seekers. So, it is recommended that viewers take a camera which can capture the most awe-inspiring moments of the shows.

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