3 Amazing Countries for Winter Sports


Finding the perfect travel destination is not just about getting a summer getaway but also enjoying skating, skiing and other winter sports. For the latter purpose, diverse countries of the world, particularly European and North American fit the bill. The following is an assessment of three such nations, gauging their appeal in the uniqueness of their skiing spots, accommodation venues and other top-notch wonders like scenic mountains.


Throughout history, Switzerland has always earned the crown as one of the most wonderful European nations to visit. This is courtesy of such top-notch locales as Lake Geneva, the Alps and scenic cities like Zurich that offer great skiing. Particular mentions include:

The Engelberg, which during particular times of the year provides the most deep-seated layers of snow in the European continent. Its winter sports season, in fact, begins early in May, before culminating in December, January and February at the peak of winter.

Switzerland also affords wintry locales for sporting that are available throughout the 12 months, making them fantastic for a sports lover.

The fact that the Swiss winter provides a marvelous view of the Alps can be a sufficient reason for going here whether for skiing or just sightseeing alone.


Another favorite place to begin the skiing calendar is Finland. It has a lengthy skiing calendar in a Northern Sea locale that is rare for it has no glacier formation. Special mentions include:

Ruka, which is strategic for any kind of skier because it is accessible to tourists from midway in the year through to the winter months of December, January and February.

One amazing thing about the above Finnish attraction is that it sometimes lasts for 239 consecutive days and nights. There are also resorts nearby that afford perfect accommodation for sports’ lovers.


One of the highlights of any winter sports enthusiast is North America, and particularly Canada. The country provides one of the most extensive coastlines whose diverse snow seasons make them accessible to even the most chance tourists. Skiing destinations to look for while here include:

The Alberta coastline. This resort area operates from May and extends for a record time afterwards. It is also accessible throughout the winter months of late and early in the year. Special skiing places include the scenic Lake Louise.

There are also great resorts where tourists can stay for extensive periods of time while making the best of what the facilities have to offer.

Thus, there are 3 amazing countries for winter sports, most of which are in continental Europe that one should try to visit because of the fact that their skiing periods extend for quite long, culminating in the late and beginning parts of the year. Each of these nations has something unique, including Switzerland with its interior Lake Geneva and Alpine heights, Canada with its rugged coastline and Finland with its unique non-glacial coast. There are also great accommodation resorts that stud these scenic skiing areas. They provide exclusive accommodation for tourists and tour guides throughout the often extensive sporting season. Thus, if ready to catch any upcoming winter sports, one may as well begin with the above three destinations now.

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