3 Must See Things in Nevada

Ever travelled to Nevada during vacation? If not, try and create special memories by visiting this State. Nevada is a unique place with unique attractive features and destinations. The distinctive attractive sites in Nevada range from the blue Lake Tahoe which has crystal clear waters to the bright lights of Las Vegas strip. When vacationing in Nevada, you will realize that Hoover dam in bounder city is not the only unique landmark in Nevada but there are other must see things which create special memories and make your vacation wonderful. 

Forget ordinary and exploit the extraordinary in Nevada. Here are 3 must see things in Nevada.

1. Cathedral gorge state park The beauty of Cathedral gorge state park has its own history dating back to 5 million years when a violet volcanic explosion took place forming unique and attractive rocks, cliffs and valleys. While hiking along the cathedral gorge, you move along a narrow valley that has unique features and patterns of soft bentonite clay. The rocks and clay form cathedral like spires. At the cathedral gorge park, there are all kind of activities such as nature study, camping, hiking and photography. All these activities are facilitated by the fact that there are shaded picnic areas and compounds that are open throughout the year. In addition, the miller point north of the park offers an excellent view of the cathedral spires and buff-colored cliffs. Clay, sand and soil at the middle of the valley form the only soil that favors the growth of juniper trees, greasewood and shade scale.

2. Boundary Peak Boundary Peak is the Nevada’s highest White Mountain peak. The peak is approximated to have a height of 3982 meters and located on the northern end of White Mountains. What makes this mountain unique and best for mountain climbers and hiking during holidays is that you can climb the peak from all directions. No matter which directions you approach the peak; you will get through dusty road which will direct you to pinyon-forested trail canyon. Camping is permitted at the small reservoir along the road, trail head or at trail canyon. At the north slopes of the Boundary Peak, there are beautiful and nice bristlecone pine forests which provide the shade and allow camping. This is a beautiful site that will make your vacation in Nevada thrilling and lively.

3. Ichthyosaurus Park and a Ghost Town Ichthyosaurus Park is a Nevada park that features the look of Nevada ancient past, the mining history and the features of the ghost town of Berlin. The park is the Nevada official state fossils. When you visit this park, you will learn about the Nevada history of rough mining. Ichthyosaurus fossils which are reptiles that used to swim in the inland sea about 250 million years ago were discovered in this area. Those ancient reptile fossils ever to be discovered are kept in fossils house. When you visit Ichthyosaurus Park and a Ghost Town, you first enter a park where you find an old building which is a museum and visitors center. The 14-site campground is hilly and attractive for both camping and picnicking. For hiking and touring, you are taken through a system pathway of trails through fossils shelters. Here, you will be able to learn and discover information on plants and geology of ancient Berlin. For sure, adventure in Nevada can be one of its kinds with many features, cultures and destinations to exploit while vacationing in Nevada.

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