5 Amazing Spots for Spelunking in Canada

Canada has a number of the most fascinating caves offering spelunkers with the opportunity to explore the beauty of the underworld. People have crawled in some of these caves for years. These caves are safe to crawl in. Research for more caves is underway and just a few have been surveyed and listed by both clubs and the government. Most of these caves occur naturally as a result of natural causes. This has become great tourist attraction sites especially for people who love caving. Five of the most spots that you must visit as a spelunker in Canada include

The Horne Lake Caves

These caves are found within the Horne Lake Cave Provincial Park right at the centre of the Vancouver Islands. Public caving groups saw the potential of the caves getting damaged especially with the fragile crystals found in the caves. This is what led to the establishment of the park in 1971. These curves are still in their natural form with no sidewalks and no lighting. During the wet season, children who are under eight years of age, the elderly and any person with limited mobility are not allowed because they may experience difficulty in the caves. The park offers guided tours where one gets a lot of insight on the caves.

Cadomin Caves

These caves are near the Cadomin town in Albert in Canadian Rockies. The caves are actually natural limestone. The cave contains passages that are keyhole like and are specious on the upper part and the subsequent paths underneath are tight crawlways.

Bonnechere Caves

These caves have been visited for a period of about 55 years. The temperature there is 10 C. The caves contain fossils giving one a great opportunity to learn about the process of fossilization. The caves have lights, but it is recommended that one carries a flashlight in order to get details of the cave’s walls.

Scenic caves

These provide caving lovers with spectacular natural scenery to view. The caves have trails where one can actually guide themselves through the cave. They came into existence as a result of glacier ice carving them. It is situated at the Niagara Escarpment. The caves offer tourists with great adventure for both children and adults.

Greg Caves

It is part of the Bruce Peninsula rock. It is found along the Niagara Escarpment. The caves form a very breathe taking natural scenery to view. The cave is actually found in Bruce Trail’s home. About 7, 000 years ago the place was actually filled with water, but with years a lot of climate change affected the water which eventually dried up. The stone of the Greg cave is actually called dolomite limestone.

It is important to note that there are special clothing for caving. One needs to ensure that they hire or get helmets which will be provided in most cases by the management concerned with preserving this spots. Most of these caves are safe and incase of any dangers particularly during wet seasons, caution will always be given. One needs to ensure that they observe any safety regulations given for their own safety.

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